How to save Money when buying Cookware?

How to save Money when buying Cookware?


Hmmm… isn’t this is the basic question in the minds of all of us that how can we save some money? Well, as far as the kitchen is concerned, we must know that the expenses can really burn a nuclear bomb sized hole or crater (just for laughs) if not done properly. Owing to a large number of choices for the cookware and the large number of the recipe, the choice of the RIGHT cookware and the right material is a very daunting task.

I have lived on my own since graduating from the high school and since then have been cooking. Now, as a mom of three kids and a work from home IT professional, I think that I can guide a lot of people out there in saving some money while making the purchase for their new or old kitchen.

So, let us proceed.

First of all, I am going to suggest some factors which are to be considered while making the purchase of the cookware. Keeping them in mind, you will be able to save some of your precious green paper.

Don’t go for the BIG NAMES ONLY…!!!

Cookware brandsDon’t think that the brand of cookware range with the best and the highest paid endorsements is the best one. Sometimes, you can find a better quality and same or more satisfaction from the other mid-range cookware. Here is the list of high quality cookware brands.

Go through the CUSTOMER REVIEWS…!!!

It is very important that the reviews are read and analyzed. You can do the same on the online portals and other forums in which reviews are posted by the customers for the various cookware brands and, in fact, specific items. I would recommend you to check out The Foodista website. The Foodista focuses on cookware sets and delivers best cookware set reviews along with its “best price” feature.

Try to avoid the ONLINE shopping.

Make the purchase offline as you will be able to compare, have a closer look, pick the cookware up and test the handles and material in a better manner. The online shopping can cost you a fortune if you don’t know much about the cookware and are a novice.

Make the requirement as the Priority.

SIZE 3 SKILLETThe purchase should be done keeping the REQUIREMENT in mind and NOT the status, or feel or any other thing that governs your basic shopping. You should buy a SIZE 3 SKILLET if that is what suits your need and NOT the fancy looking SIZE 6 one.

Don’t go for the whole set from ONLY ONE brand.

Don’t buy a COMPLETE SET, as you may NOT use most of the items from it. Instead of the whole set, buy some loose items as they will suit your budget, your kitchen space and your requirement in a better manner.

Food Preferences.

The type of food you consume the most will help you in shortlisting the cookware. If you need something to warm the ready-to-eat food items, then a normal non-stick ware will suit your need. This habit of making the purchase for what you cook will help in lowering down the cookware buying budget effectively.

Hope, that helps you in buying the best budget cookware. Happy shopping!

Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

I recently broke my rice cooker while cleaning my kitchen and have to make an errand to the supermarket. Walking down the lane, I found a pretty little compact machine labelled as the fuzzy logic rice cooker. I brought it home and just finished the most delicious bowl of rice I have ever tasted. Hence, I thought to share my experience with all of you out there.

The fuzzy logic rice cooker is the best one you can lay hands on in these days. The best mix of the technology and quality makes sure you get the best rice you have ever tasted.

Working of a fuzzy logic rice cooker

The fuzzy logic cooker gets its name from the underlying technology of FUZZY LOGIC. The people from the computers or the mathematics background will be much familiar with the term and the day to day applications it is applicable on. The fuzzy logic is just a logic of the Mathematics which takes into account, the terms which are nearer to the human behavior. For example instead of terms such as ‘90 degree hot’ it takes the terms such as ‘almost 90 degrees hot’. The usage of these terms which indicate uncertainty makes the cooker nearest to the human logic. All of us use terms such as ‘almost’, ‘slightly’ etc in our daily lives which indicate that the human behavior is full of uncertainty. To make the working of machines nearer to the human mind and more exact according to the human lifestyle, the fuzzy logic was employed in a lot of machines such as washing machines, cookers, and other appliances of daily use.

Having covered the introduction and the general information of the fuzzy logic let us move towards the benefits of using this is rice cookers.

The fuzzy logic makes the rice cooking much more exact by keeping the uncertainties of the human cooking in mind. For example, while we cook, we keep on checking the food and judge it in the following ways:

“Soup is almost done”

“Curry is nearly cooked”

So, the fuzzy logic chip will also make the rice cooker to take the decision regarding the cooking in the same manner. It will judge the rice as a human would do and thus yield you perfectly cooked rice as per the inputs and the logic fed into it.

Fuzzy logic rice cookerThe fuzzy logic cookers will come with a functionality which will offer a lot of options for cooking. You can even set the texture of the rice in the fuzzy logic cookers. Slightly more cooked, softer texture, normal texture and a lot of other options are available in the fuzzy logic rice cookers which will make them more understandable and near to the human cooking.

The most beautiful feature of the rice cooker is that it can react to the inputs in the best possible manner and can make precise fluctuations in the temperature adjustments and cooking. This ensures that the rice is cooked perfectly. The other functionalities will also include the ‘keep warm’ and ‘quick cook cycles’ for the optimum cooking of the various varieties of the rice.

These cookers can also be used to make different kinds of rice such as porridge rice, sushi rice, white rice, mixed rice, brown rice and sweet rice. The people can also set the rice textures such as hard rice, soft rice, wet rice and sticky rice. The fuzzy logic rice cookers are thus a delight for all the rice lovers with different tastes and preferences of cooked rice. If you are looking to buy a fuzzy logic rice cooker, Zojirushi is the best brand. This rice cooker buying guide will help you determine which one is best for you. It will review your needs, budget and options to help you determine which rice cooker is best for your requirements.

Bread Machine Brands

Bread Machine Brands

how to bake breadI have been a bread maker since past 5 years and baking bread is something I rely on for my own bread and butter. I am a baker at my own bakery and can say that I am quite successful judging by the smiles people have on their faces as soon as they take their first bite in my breads.

As I always need the best and the freshly baked bread for all of my items I have been using the bread machines of various brands. This makes my jobs somewhat easier. Here I am listing the various Bread Machine Brands which are good and will take your love of baking and bread making all the way to the top.

Brand 1 – Zojirushi:

zojirushi bread machineYou might be familiar with the name already as the brand has offered one of the most advanced kitchen appliances which have constantly evolved with the time. Zojirushi tops the list of the best bread machines. The brand offers the best horizontal loaf making machines which are highly programmable and makes bread which is just like store bought. It comes with 10 baking cycles, lots of custom setting, delay start and auto shut-off.

Brand 2 – Panasonic:

The machines from Panasonic are really, good, precise and the ones with the yeast dispensers make fine bread of high quality. The dispenser also allows you to add fruits and nuts in your bread which will make it all the more tastier and healthier. The machine is very quite and highly reliable.

Brand 3 – Sunbeam:

This bread maker machine forms one of the best one the average brands have to offer. This is the best bread machine which can be a very good option for the people on tight budget. The machines are sturdy and can work well with the hard dough with the nuts and fruits.

Brand 4 – Cuisinart:

This is the bread maker brand which offers the machines which can be operated by almost all the people. No matter if you are a novice or expert, this machine will deliver the best of the bread. It comes with the delay timer setting which can be delayed up to 13 hours. The machine is also a very good option if you wish to make jams or chutneys at home. The machines from this brand also come with the setting of keeping the bread warm for at least ONE hour after the baking is over.

Brand 5 – Morphy Richards:

The brand has really got a lot to offer. The petite machines from the brand offer the perfect sized loaves for the small sized families. The machines come with the measuring equipment too; so a child can also bake the bread. The machine comes at low cost too and is thus a good option for the people who are living on their own or have a small family.

Brand 6 – Kenwood:

The brand makes the average machines in the average category. So, if you just need some homemade bread and don’t go into much technicalities, then this can be the one for you. The brand also has machines for the persons who can customize the bread making options. There are machines with baking options such as rapid bake which make the bread in just 589 minutes.

Brand 7 – Breville:

breville breadmakerYou might have been wondering has Breville missed the list or it just is not into the bread machines. Breville also makes the bread machines which are known for their precision and modern technology. The perfect settings of controls and temperature settings make very good bread. It also has machines which come with the automatic dispensers for the fruits and nuts.

Brand 8 – Shef Premium:

If you are NOT a BRAND PERSON, then you can choose this machine which offers you some really good bread. You can also make jam, cakes and pizza dough in the machines offered by this brand. The Shef Premium comes at a low cost and is a good option for the ones who are on tight budget.

This completes my list of ‘8 GOOD BREAD MACHINE BRANDS’ which offer you more than JUST bread.

The Edge Top Rated Espresso Machines of 2015

The Edge Top Rated Espresso Machines of 2015

Automatic Espresso MachineIf you are fed up of spending a whole lot of money for espresso at coffee shops, it is time for you to invest in a good espresso machine for home. For those of you looking to buy an espresso machine in this year, we bring to you the best home espresso machines of 2015, as selected by The Edge. Before that, let us see what makes an espresso machine of high quality. Firstly, a good espresso machine will always be durable and strong, with parts that can be easily replaced. The quality of the boiler, or boilers if it is a double boiler machine, makes a lot of difference as it is essential to attain the right temperature and distribute the temperature evenly to brew a good cup of espresso. Being user friendly and easy to clean and maintain is always important for home espresso machines. The time a machine takes up to brew a shot is also considered a factor for determining the quality of an espresso machine.

Keeping these in mind, here are the top rated espresso machines of 2015, as rated by our consumers.

The DeLonghi EC155 is a good semi automatic machine under $100. Perfect for students who are looking to buy an espresso machine at a tight budget, this machine just makes those all nighters easier. The steam wand is short and only can be used with a small pitcher of milk. But who needs milk coffee in the middle of the night when you have to stay awake desperately?

The Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine is value for money. It is easy to use and brews consistent cups of espresso. On the downside, the machine heats up a bit and you need to wait in between brewing shots for it to cool down. But when you glance at the price, I guess you can forgive that much.

Rancilio Silvia is a trusted name in the world of espresso machines. Though a little more expensive than the former two, this one brews professional quality espresso at home in short duration. The steamer wand is amazing and makes unbelievably smooth frothed milk. People who get used to this machine seldom wish to switch.

If you enjoy your coffee as much as others, but would prefer to put in less manual labor, the Nespresso Citiz Automatic Espresso Brewer is perfect for you. This automatic espresso machine uses pre-packed Nespresso coffee pods for brewing espresso. So there isn’t any hassle of grinding, dosing and tamping. It is as functional as any super automatic machine, and yet it costs much lesser than any of those coffee making robots. So if you are not a fussy coffee drinker and is satisfied with pod espresso, this machine should be your poison.

nespressoThe Nespresso C100-US-AERO Essenza is a made to tailor automatic pod espresso machine for those who love their lattes and mochas. This machine is easy to maintain and handy and brews a good enough cup of espresso. But most of all, this machine comes with a separate milk frother. This frother lets you heat, steam and froth milk, just as you want. The machine is easy to clean and is very decently priced, given its quality.

If you do have some bucks to spend and you are lazy coffee loving type, go for a super automatic machine. Though expensive, these machines are easy to use and will be your best friend through those periods of procrastination. We recommend the DeLonghi ESAM3300. This machine literally makes your coffee for you. You just have to load the beans and fill the water from time to time. It grinds doses and tamps and brews a perfect espresso shot with cream on top. Cleaning it is easy and it makes lovely frothed milk.

The Jura Capresso J6 is another brilliant super automatic machine and some say it brews better quality espressos than some of the best coffee shops in the world. The brewed espresso is rich and thick with a beautiful layer of cream on top. It makes nice frothed/steamed milk for espresso based milk coffee drinks. Easy to use and easy to maintain, this one sure has got it all.

But if you are looking for a super automatic espresso machine on a budget, then safely go for the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus. It might not have all the features of a more expensive espresso machine, but the quality of the espresso is just as good. It is small, pocket friendly and is easy to use for every couch potato.

So now, take your pick considering your budget and your lifestyle.

Best juicer for Gerson cancer therapy

Best juicer for Gerson cancer therapy

Gerson diet that involves lot of juicing developed by Max Gerson is promoted as an alternative cancer treatment. Gerson Institute which is a non-profit organisation claims 70% to 80% recovery although National Cancer Institute found no evidence.

JuicerAccording to Gerson, cancer is caused by alteration of cell metabolism by processed food and other harmful stuff which changes its sodium and potassium content. So in Gerson cancer therapy, patient consume juice to increase potassium level and balance other minerals. A typical patient under Gerson cancer therapy consumes 15- 20 pounds of organically grown fruits and veggies daily. Patient consume one glass of freshly made juice every hour along with plant-based meals prepared from organically grown vegetables.

Super Angel juicerBut patient under Gerson therapy should not use any ordinary juicer to juice organic produce. Typical household juicers are centrifugal type and should not be used for this alternative therapy. Centrifugal juicers rotates very fast and heat up organic produce which kill enzymes and essential nutrients present inside juice. Instead of fast juicers a slow juicer sometime are also referred as masticating juicers should be used to prepare juice. Slow juicers rotate at low rpm and keep all nutrients and enzymes intact in juice. Gerson patient should buy a slow juicer to make their juice. You can visit Best Juicer to find the best juice maker within your budget. Gerson recommends Norwalk juicer for juicing. But Norwalk juicer costs around $3000. Buy a Norwalk if you can afford it otherwise you can use other slow juicer such as Angel juicer as alternative. Super angel costs around $1000.

Gerson therapy has worked for many but no treatment works for everyone. It’s a alternative therapy and you can certainly give it a try. But don’t start without Doctor approval. To get started with Gerson program or for any consultation you can contact Gerson clinic.