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Bread Machine Brands

Bread Machine Brands

how to bake breadI have been a bread maker since past 5 years and baking bread is something I rely on for my own bread and butter. I am a baker at my own bakery and can say that I am quite successful judging by the smiles people have on their faces as soon as they take their first bite in my breads.

As I always need the best and the freshly baked bread for all of my items I have been using the bread machines of various brands. This makes my jobs somewhat easier. Here I am listing the various Bread Machine Brands which are good and will take your love of baking and bread making all the way to the top.

Brand 1 – Zojirushi:

zojirushi bread machineYou might be familiar with the name already as the brand has offered one of the most advanced kitchen appliances which have constantly evolved with the time. Zojirushi tops the list of the best bread machines. The brand offers the best horizontal loaf making machines which are highly programmable and makes bread which is just like store bought. It comes with 10 baking cycles, lots of custom setting, delay start and auto shut-off.

Brand 2 – Panasonic:

The machines from Panasonic are really, good, precise and the ones with the yeast dispensers make fine bread of high quality. The dispenser also allows you to add fruits and nuts in your bread which will make it all the more tastier and healthier. The machine is very quite and highly reliable.

Brand 3 – Sunbeam:

This bread maker machine forms one of the best one the average brands have to offer. This is the best bread machine which can be a very good option for the people on tight budget. The machines are sturdy and can work well with the hard dough with the nuts and fruits.

Brand 4 – Cuisinart:

This is the bread maker brand which offers the machines which can be operated by almost all the people. No matter if you are a novice or expert, this machine will deliver the best of the bread. It comes with the delay timer setting which can be delayed up to 13 hours. The machine is also a very good option if you wish to make jams or chutneys at home. The machines from this brand also come with the setting of keeping the bread warm for at least ONE hour after the baking is over.

Brand 5 – Morphy Richards:

The brand has really got a lot to offer. The petite machines from the brand offer the perfect sized loaves for the small sized families. The machines come with the measuring equipment too; so a child can also bake the bread. The machine comes at low cost too and is thus a good option for the people who are living on their own or have a small family.

Brand 6 – Kenwood:

The brand makes the average machines in the average category. So, if you just need some homemade bread and don’t go into much technicalities, then this can be the one for you. The brand also has machines for the persons who can customize the bread making options. There are machines with baking options such as rapid bake which make the bread in just 589 minutes.

Brand 7 – Breville:

breville breadmakerYou might have been wondering has Breville missed the list or it just is not into the bread machines. Breville also makes the bread machines which are known for their precision and modern technology. The perfect settings of controls and temperature settings make very good bread. It also has machines which come with the automatic dispensers for the fruits and nuts.

Brand 8 – Shef Premium:

If you are NOT a BRAND PERSON, then you can choose this machine which offers you some really good bread. You can also make jam, cakes and pizza dough in the machines offered by this brand. The Shef Premium comes at a low cost and is a good option for the ones who are on tight budget.

This completes my list of ‘8 GOOD BREAD MACHINE BRANDS’ which offer you more than JUST bread.