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How to save Money when buying Cookware?

How to save Money when buying Cookware?


Hmmm… isn’t this is the basic question in the minds of all of us that how can we save some money? Well, as far as the kitchen is concerned, we must know that the expenses can really burn a nuclear bomb sized hole or crater (just for laughs) if not done properly. Owing to a large number of choices for the cookware and the large number of the recipe, the choice of the RIGHT cookware and the right material is a very daunting task.

I have lived on my own since graduating from the high school and since then have been cooking. Now, as a mom of three kids and a work from home IT professional, I think that I can guide a lot of people out there in saving some money while making the purchase for their new or old kitchen.

So, let us proceed.

First of all, I am going to suggest some factors which are to be considered while making the purchase of the cookware. Keeping them in mind, you will be able to save some of your precious green paper.

Don’t go for the BIG NAMES ONLY…!!!

Cookware brandsDon’t think that the brand of cookware range with the best and the highest paid endorsements is the best one. Sometimes, you can find a better quality and same or more satisfaction from the other mid-range cookware. Here is the list of high quality cookware brands.

Go through the CUSTOMER REVIEWS…!!!

It is very important that the reviews are read and analyzed. You can do the same on the online portals and other forums in which reviews are posted by the customers for the various cookware brands and, in fact, specific items. I would recommend you to check out The Foodista website. The Foodista focuses on cookware sets and delivers best cookware set reviews along with its “best price” feature.

Try to avoid the ONLINE shopping.

Make the purchase offline as you will be able to compare, have a closer look, pick the cookware up and test the handles and material in a better manner. The online shopping can cost you a fortune if you don’t know much about the cookware and are a novice.

Make the requirement as the Priority.

SIZE 3 SKILLETThe purchase should be done keeping the REQUIREMENT in mind and NOT the status, or feel or any other thing that governs your basic shopping. You should buy a SIZE 3 SKILLET if that is what suits your need and NOT the fancy looking SIZE 6 one.

Don’t go for the whole set from ONLY ONE brand.

Don’t buy a COMPLETE SET, as you may NOT use most of the items from it. Instead of the whole set, buy some loose items as they will suit your budget, your kitchen space and your requirement in a better manner.

Food Preferences.

The type of food you consume the most will help you in shortlisting the cookware. If you need something to warm the ready-to-eat food items, then a normal non-stick ware will suit your need. This habit of making the purchase for what you cook will help in lowering down the cookware buying budget effectively.

Hope, that helps you in buying the best budget cookware. Happy shopping!