Best juicer for Gerson cancer therapy

Gerson diet that involves lot of juicing developed by Max Gerson is promoted as an alternative cancer treatment. Gerson Institute which is a non-profit organisation claims 70% to 80% recovery although National Cancer Institute found no evidence.

JuicerAccording to Gerson, cancer is caused by alteration of cell metabolism by processed food and other harmful stuff which changes its sodium and potassium content. So in Gerson cancer therapy, patient consume juice to increase potassium level and balance other minerals. A typical patient under Gerson cancer therapy consumes 15- 20 pounds of organically grown fruits and veggies daily. Patient consume one glass of freshly made juice every hour along with plant-based meals prepared from organically grown vegetables.

Super Angel juicerBut patient under Gerson therapy should not use any ordinary juicer to juice organic produce. Typical household juicers are centrifugal type and should not be used for this alternative therapy. Centrifugal juicers rotates very fast and heat up organic produce which kill enzymes and essential nutrients present inside juice. Instead of fast juicers a slow juicer sometime are also referred as masticating juicers should be used to prepare juice. Slow juicers rotate at low rpm and keep all nutrients and enzymes intact in juice. Gerson patient should buy a slow juicer to make their juice. You can visit Best Juicer to find the best juice maker within your budget. Gerson recommends Norwalk juicer for juicing. But Norwalk juicer costs around $3000. Buy a Norwalk if you can afford it otherwise you can use other slow juicer such as Angel juicer as alternative. Super angel costs around $1000.

Gerson therapy has worked for many but no treatment works for everyone. It’s a alternative therapy and you can certainly give it a try. But don’t start without Doctor approval. To get started with Gerson program or for any consultation you can contact Gerson clinic.