Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

I recently broke my rice cooker while cleaning my kitchen and have to make an errand to the supermarket. Walking down the lane, I found a pretty little compact machine labelled as the fuzzy logic rice cooker. I brought it home and just finished the most delicious bowl of rice I have ever tasted. Hence, I thought to share my experience with all of you out there.

The fuzzy logic rice cooker is the best one you can lay hands on in these days. The best mix of the technology and quality makes sure you get the best rice you have ever tasted.

Working of a fuzzy logic rice cooker

The fuzzy logic cooker gets its name from the underlying technology of FUZZY LOGIC. The people from the computers or the mathematics background will be much familiar with the term and the day to day applications it is applicable on. The fuzzy logic is just a logic of the Mathematics which takes into account, the terms which are nearer to the human behavior. For example instead of terms such as ‘90 degree hot’ it takes the terms such as ‘almost 90 degrees hot’. The usage of these terms which indicate uncertainty makes the cooker nearest to the human logic. All of us use terms such as ‘almost’, ‘slightly’ etc in our daily lives which indicate that the human behavior is full of uncertainty. To make the working of machines nearer to the human mind and more exact according to the human lifestyle, the fuzzy logic was employed in a lot of machines such as washing machines, cookers, and other appliances of daily use.

Having covered the introduction and the general information of the fuzzy logic let us move towards the benefits of using this is rice cookers.

The fuzzy logic makes the rice cooking much more exact by keeping the uncertainties of the human cooking in mind. For example, while we cook, we keep on checking the food and judge it in the following ways:

“Soup is almost done”

“Curry is nearly cooked”

So, the fuzzy logic chip will also make the rice cooker to take the decision regarding the cooking in the same manner. It will judge the rice as a human would do and thus yield you perfectly cooked rice as per the inputs and the logic fed into it.

Fuzzy logic rice cookerThe fuzzy logic cookers will come with a functionality which will offer a lot of options for cooking. You can even set the texture of the rice in the fuzzy logic cookers. Slightly more cooked, softer texture, normal texture and a lot of other options are available in the fuzzy logic rice cookers which will make them more understandable and near to the human cooking.

The most beautiful feature of the rice cooker is that it can react to the inputs in the best possible manner and can make precise fluctuations in the temperature adjustments and cooking. This ensures that the rice is cooked perfectly. The other functionalities will also include the ‘keep warm’ and ‘quick cook cycles’ for the optimum cooking of the various varieties of the rice.

These cookers can also be used to make different kinds of rice such as porridge rice, sushi rice, white rice, mixed rice, brown rice and sweet rice. The people can also set the rice textures such as hard rice, soft rice, wet rice and sticky rice. The fuzzy logic rice cookers are thus a delight for all the rice lovers with different tastes and preferences of cooked rice. If you are looking to buy a fuzzy logic rice cooker, Zojirushi is the best brand. This rice cooker buying guide will help you determine which one is best for you. It will review your needs, budget and options to help you determine which rice cooker is best for your requirements.

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