SKCC - Steroid Cycles

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center is located on a 10 acre campus atop the Torrey Pines Mesa in the center of one of the largest concentrations of biotechology/health science companies, research institutes, cancer centers and pharmaceutical research and development institutes in the world.

The mission of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center is to translate laboratory discoveries into non-toxic treatments for cancer and post cycle therapy. The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center has become a regional and national resource for research into the biology of the cancer cell and its vasculature. The SKCC has succeeded in translating that information into genetics tests for therapy selection as well as new treatment strategies for cancer and post cycle therapy which are less toxic and more effective than existing treatment modalities.

There are now five research programs in the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center: immunology, vascular biology, genomics, cancer cell biology, steroids post cycle therapy and drug development. As shown in the figure below, laboratory discovery at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center leads to cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment. The staff of the SKCC consists of 54 scientists with Ph.D. and/or M.D. degrees, 52 other laboratory staff, and 34 administrative persons for a total of 142 persons committed to breakthrough discoveries in cancer treatment, PCT and research.

The goal of the drug development program of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center is to redirect the therapy away from the normal tissues to the cancer tissue and to the tissues on which the cancer cells depends for growth such as the blood vessels, thereby significantly reducing toxicity and increasing the effectiveness of the therapy.

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center also uses the science of genomics to develop genetic tests which can be used to select the optimal therapy for each person’s cancer. These tests are designed to enable oncologists to selectively tailor each individual’s therapy to optimize the treatment for each patient’s cancer.

Our Vision

  • To discover cures for cancer in our lifetime.
  • To establish nationally and internationally the commitment of the Cancer Center towards education and discovery in cancer therapy.
  • To rapidly translate accomplishments in the laboratory to well-integrated patient treatment programs.
  • To develop a community of premier researchers and staff who collectively contribute to our mission.

Clinical Programs

New Clinical Trials Underway!

The first in a series of new, non-toxic cancer therapies are entering clinical testing! The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (SKCC) received permission from the Food and Drug Administration to begin early clinical testing on three promising, new therapies. These are vaccines for recurrent breast cancer (UCLA) and prostate cancer (University of Chicago) as well as an immune implant for recurrent brain cancer (UCLA).

Each of these new therapies could potentially revolutionize cancer treatment and are not available at any other cancer center. These are only part of the pipeline of discoveries under development at SKCC. From this pipeline, therapies against melanoma, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and a variety of solid tumors are projected to enter clinical testing in the next 12-18 months. Collectively, these cancers afflict 1:7 people in their lifetime.